How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

March 15 - 17, 2012
Show Times: 7:30, with a 1:00 Matinee on Saturday.
POWER, SEX, AMBITION, GREED... IT'S JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE. From the authors of Guys And Dolls comes one of the most delightfully irreverent musicals of all time. A satire of big business and all it holds sacred, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying follows the rise of J. Pierrepont Finch, who uses a little handbook called "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" to climb the corporate ladder from lowly window washer to high-powered executive, tackling such familiar but potent dangers as the aggressively compliant "company man," the boss' whiny, nepotistic nephew, the office party, backstabbing co-workers, caffeine addiction and, of course, true love.
Cast of How To Succeed
(in order of appearance)
J. Pierrpont Finch Ronnie Keller (understudy) Angel Sigala
Book Voice Michael Tsoubanos
Mr. Gatch Charlie Tabachnick
Mr. Jenkins Angel Sigala
Mr. Matthews Josh McMaster
Mr. Peterson Brendan Mooney
Mr. Tackaberry Michael Krone
J.B. Biggley Sam Silbiger (understudy) Ross Weisman
Rosemary Pilkington Kelly Letter (understudy) Sammy Schwartz
Bert Bratt Bobby Slagle
Smitty Jess Sciarrone (understudy) Adriana Seitz
Bud Frump Ben Walker (understudy) Josh McMaster
Miss Krumholtz Laura Pontari
Miss Jones Kelsey Plona
Mr. Twimble Ross Weisman
Hedy LaRue Brynne Travis (understudy) Laura Culp
Mr. Davis Alex Small
Scrubwomen Adriana Seitz Nikki Mann
Benjamin Butron Daniel Ovington Michael Tsoubanos
Mr. Toynbee Bryan Hoffman
TV Announcer Patrick Russo
Policeman David Strouse
Wally Womper Nick Arnone
Ensemble Dom Antenucci Dave Pontari
Megan Boris Alex Rocca
Jamie Brooke Esther Rosen
Laura Culp Sammy Schwartz
Claudia Deeg Kelsey Sherlock
Britnni Fine Gillian Mencken
Sherrell Gray Mariel Tabachnick
Bonnie Gross Louie Wein
George Horning
Dance Captains Angel Sigala Megan Boris
Stage Manager Mr. Jordan Sones
Student Stage Manager Emily Jolley
Asst. Student Stage Manager Sarah Silbiger
Light Mr. Jordan Sones
Eddie Gallo Aidan Peirce
Patrick Kibe Chelsia Wong
Sound Mr. Steve Hutchins
Ahmad Attia Adrian Franken
Carly Brooke Sanjana Venkat
Shift Crew Amanda Birchard Ryan Conway Cindy Ly
Viole Margarita Goldkamp Jesse Miller* Dan Moore
Ciara O'Callaghan Harrison Ogletree Paul Ruppenthal
Claudia Wong Joe Yaure*
Props Erin Bovelle Dari Dicinque
Meredith Getzfread Jamie Sciarrone
Set Construction Mr. Jeff Yeagle Mr. Rich Evan
Ryan Conway Sherrell Gray Ryan McCormick
Dan Melusky Jesse Miller Joe Yaure
Scenic Design Mr. Paul Marro
Rachel Abramowitz Christine Chung Liz Diehl
Emma Phillips Esther Rosen Sarah Silbiger
Josh Wein
Costumes &  Effects Mrs. Barbara Sharavsky
(fitting and sewing) Janell Berte & Team Donna Boris Gayle Doyle
Diane Goldberg Elena Marie Horn Lori Jolley
Leslie Plona Maedlyn Pontari
Makeup, Hair & Wigs Mrs. Barbara Sharavsky
Donna Boris Susan Culp Kathy Dale
Gayle Doyle Annamarie Getzfread Meghan Ianarelli
Diane Goldberg Sue Letter Jodi Miller
Madelyn Pontari Honey Schwartz Cyndie Slagle
Debbie Sloan Heather Wenhold
Program Layout Mrs. Jennifer Crea Josh Wein
Director Mickey Engel
Music Director Richard Wilhelm
Choreographer Jen Grasso
Technical Director Jordan Sones
Production Manager Jen Klarman
Assistant Director Val Collado
Costumes Barb Sharavsky
Scenic Design Paul Marro
Acting Coach Melissa Downer
Acting Coach Brian Weiner
Lighting Director Jordan Sones
Sound Director Steve Hutchins
Set Construction Jeff Yeagle Rich Evan
Conductor Richard Wilhelm
Reed 1 Jeremy Correnti
Reed 1 Susan Na
Reed 2 Janet Easlea
Reed 2 Maxie Erlich
Reed 2 Michael Taunton
Reed 3 Lois Russo
Reed 4 Matt Matekovic
Reed 5 Ethan Trucker
Horn 1 Kim Newell
Horn 2 Lauren Harper
Keyboard 1 Debbie Levine
Keyboard 2 Jess Knudsen
Trumpet 1 Marty Weisberg
Trumpet 2 Jordan Berger
Trumpet 3 Sam Levine
Trombone Anthony Triplett
Harp Caroline Littlejohn
Percussion   Keith Wilson
Percussion   Phil Hutchins
Guitar Josh Rosen
Violin 1 Elise Derewitz
Violin 2 Joyce Jo
Violin 3 Tom Krumm
Cello Harry Hoy
Bass  Jim Shaflucas
Bass  Zach Goldstein